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Destiny being three players pisses me offBoogieonover67/26 6:41AM
"People in Africa have it worse" (Poll)
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Gimpt3587/26 6:41AM
Recommend me some PSP games.
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Potatoman8117/26 6:40AM
You know what to do with that big fat butt!Arctic_Sunrise17/26 6:39AM
Destiny beta open for everyone now.Kimbos_Egg107/26 6:38AM
Apparently Google gets mad if you search too much within a short period of time.wightSea47/26 6:37AM
The real reason why spongebob is replacing korra
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eating4fun127/26 6:37AM
Since I like Destiny Beta A LOT, here are some codes for the Xbone beta.
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pipebomb_phil177/26 6:37AM
What do you think the above poster's fetish is?
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AwesomeTurtwig1737/26 6:37AM
Since I like Destiny Beta A LOT, here is a code for the Xbox 360 beta.pipebomb_phil107/26 6:36AM
Is it illegal to download a PDF a guy made himself, put up on his own website,bluPython17/26 6:35AM
I never really understood why superheroes didn't kill more baddies...
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Arctic_Sunrise397/26 6:33AM
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mafia - Day 4 Is this over yet?
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OmegaTomHank2817/26 6:32AM
Don't you love getting b****ed out by people that don't know you?
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LemonDestroyer247/26 6:32AM
i need a hug right nowLootman47/26 6:31AM
This is the woman who's going to be Elsa in Once Upon A TimeOmegaM47/26 6:30AM
ITT: Recommend me graphic novels (and manga...again)urmomishawt0497/26 6:29AM
wow no pic of that person in a dressLootman57/26 6:28AM
"Please don't swear around me. It makes me uncomfortable."kratosdakota387/26 6:27AM
do the disgaea games have continuityhelIy47/26 6:26AM