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Oh no a multi-billion dollar company got scammed with PS4s!TinyTankX911/19 9:12PM
What happened to this game :(Junpeiclover311/19 9:09PM
i finally got some KFC.helIy511/19 9:09PM
My girlfriend, who lives with me, does not like violent video games.
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ZiggiStardust4111/19 9:02PM
I just ran into someone from high school...keyblader1985611/19 9:02PM
Grand Theft Auto 5's POV Sex and Killing of Women outrages gaming community!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3211/19 8:50PM
There's something wrong with my PS3.. can anyone help? =(
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Full Throttle1311/19 8:50PM
calling it now, the xbox version of today's poll will get an f.
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IceDragon771711/19 8:41PM
Kara > Beyond Two SoulsMetro2411/19 8:38PM
Why is ambient occlusion becoming more common?raymanfan1211/19 8:29PM
Hey, you should draw me things.
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Kanakiri6011/19 8:27PM
well, now, whoda thought that yuroichi has a (spoilers for latest chapter)helIy111/19 8:26PM
This does sound about right for Team Fortress 2JoanOfArcade211/19 8:16PM
What is the sweetest/nicest thing your parent/s did for you?
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SIvIart_USMC1911/19 8:13PM
Rate the INTRO Vol 72 Formula One: Beyond the Limit (SCD) -- w/ video (Poll)
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Blaqthourne1611/19 8:08PM
lol @ people voting Wii U.KroganBaIIEater211/19 8:07PM
I've been binge watching Akame ga Kill! the last two days.Dynalo211/19 7:57PM
My mom wants a Samsung Galaxy S5 for Christmas. What do you guys think?
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Melon_Master2211/19 7:48PM
Anyone want to play Worms Revolution on steam?AllstarSniper32511/19 7:45PM
Sad news: PotD legend Lemon_Master has died.
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Squall74911811/19 7:42PM