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My first ever playthrough of Tales of Graces F
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Raganork10497/31 8:58PM
Supposedly losing weight/low appetite while sick? I had 20 McChickens today.Indignation97/31 8:57PM
A customer complained that the music we play in the store is inappropriate.
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Kanakiri387/31 8:57PM
How long has Youtube put 35 minute episodes of lets plays as ads?TruePowerSeeker17/31 8:54PM
Your go to PS1 game.. NOW!
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Dmess85467/31 8:52PM
i wish Uryu wasn't so terrible
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helIy197/31 8:51PM
Mario's deaths in Mario 64 creeped me out when I was a kid.Metro247/31 8:51PM
fortune street is so riggedGreenfox11157/31 8:50PM
Proof that there is no God.kratosdakota387/31 8:50PM
monster hunter topic
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Ashphantom887/31 8:44PM
its funny how girls on tinder post pics with their more attractive friendsDrPrimemaster37/31 8:38PM
Trailer for new Spongebob Movie
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Mr_melodramatic317/31 8:33PM
I was just about to stop reading X-Men since basically every character is awfulbluPython67/31 8:29PM
Let's talk jobs, PotD. I'm in a job-talking mood. I wanna know all bout yer jobs
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bachewychomp317/31 8:28PM
stick of truth is p awesome.Nade Duck67/31 8:26PM
Come play L4D2 with me and Turt on this custom map.Dynalo77/31 8:25PM
They need to make iPads waterproof so I can use it in the shower.bluPython107/31 8:24PM
I hate EA just as much as the next guy but....ReggieBush0957/31 8:24PM
I'm GrootErik_P47/31 8:24PM
This 24 y/o Girl won 27 million in the Lottery..and she's gonna blow all of it!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle217/31 8:21PM