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The United States changes its name to "The People's Democratic Republic of
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TheWorstPoster145/1 7:01PM
Why does no one complain that TCG's are pay2win?
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Lokarin155/1 6:44PM
so poll of the day says you watch movies on tv due to noise?
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lowrclassbrat125/1 6:41PM
I havent completed a single Final fantasy game but I brought FF9 reccently (Poll)
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RFC22275/1 6:28PM
ESPN always this terrible?
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ThePepsiBlue125/1 6:23PM
My first year of college is finally officially over.
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Kanakiri145/1 6:22PM
Coheed Topic #Willing Well part 2Captain-Trips25/1 6:12PM
Yooka Laylee is up to 500,000!!
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deadpigs101155/1 6:01PM
movie pollnightshadeA15/1 5:54PM
Please let the EmDrive stuff pan out.VioletZer075/1 5:40PM
starting lifting regimen
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TES_Nut225/1 5:26PM
Do you think you could beat up a theoretical blue belt in BJJ (Poll)
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ASlaveObeys135/1 5:16PM
Jontron has Returned!
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NightMareBunny285/1 5:16PM
Why was Shadow Link in the Water Temple?MechaKirby75/1 5:10PM
no car, gonna order pizza mmmmSpeeDLeemon35/1 5:08PM
You become a household name, but only for your small intestineTheWorstPoster35/1 4:59PM
I'm drunk and I want to do a poll. (Poll)knightoffire5525/1 4:57PM
I'm not sure if I'm excited about the Attack on Titan movie.GanonsSpirit35/1 4:55PM
Why ?TheWorstPoster25/1 4:48PM
I heard this girl call this guy "base" as a derogatory term yesterday.
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