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What am I going to do tomorrow?Judgmenl18/23 6:53PM
If someone bum-rushes you, is that enough reason to Kill them? (Poll)
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Full Throttle328/23 6:46PM
I'm playing FFX for about the eighth time, now. AMA
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T-dus208/23 6:46PM
Had one of them Cinnamon Bun Baked LaysLokarin18/23 6:37PM
I have a dateWhatPoll38/23 6:35PM
robo i miss you. can i get scantily clad pics for my bday?
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IAmNowGone248/23 6:30PM
I, too, have an actual date todaybachewychomp68/23 6:29PM
I always pick the most awful choice in Duckbear topics.Miroku_of_Nite148/23 6:26PM
You wake up to find out that all sounds are low pitchedWhatPoll38/23 6:17PM
so what game should i play tonight? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny148/23 6:08PM
Replaying Ghost Trick is letting me see all the hidden references to my identity
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DeltaBladeX118/23 6:05PM
Final Fantasy X-2 was surprisingly good
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papercup208/23 5:56PM
Am I famous? (Poll)Flutershy48/23 5:55PM
Replaying Advance Wars Dual Strike!lihlih108/23 5:50PM
Watching the "Hush" episode of Buffy again, and am confused...SPOILERSCaptain-Trips48/23 5:42PM
It seems Amazon made a shipping mistake along with my hat rack order.. :O
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Melon_Master258/23 5:40PM
Is the Maine hermit, Christopher Knight, hot? (Poll)Far-Queue38/23 5:25PM
Are the Muppets usually this funny?pipebomb__sushi78/23 5:24PM
What is the longest GameFAQs review?Yuffie36028/23 5:18PM
How do i make a Gamefaqs Avatar?Full Throttle78/23 4:50PM