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hello there, it's time for another #hellygiveaway
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helIy1117/30 10:14AM
Just realized that 'Just Cause' doesn't actually mean Just BecauseGradieus37/30 10:14AM
attn: arctichelIy107/30 10:13AM
Do clowns scare you? (Poll)Dmess8517/30 10:12AM
I got some store bought cookies this morning... please try them if you can.
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Milleyd127/30 10:12AM
Considering selling my N64... I never play it and it just sits in a box.
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CubeTV127/30 10:11AM
yknow, I'm literally the best thing to happen to this board
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helIy147/30 10:09AM
what is the the best jrpg on steam right now?
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lolamericans137/30 10:08AM
When would you consider a transgender the sex that they see themselves as? (Poll)
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sveksii177/30 10:08AM
So I'm at Disneyland...DirtBasedSoap57/30 10:08AM
thinking of geting a mail order bridejuggalo_gam3r87/30 10:06AM
Okay guys, so I bought an NES that I want to do something with but I don't know
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JokePoster147/30 10:05AM
You wanna be me?IronBornCorps47/30 10:03AM
Are you going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy? (Poll)
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LeetCheet157/30 10:03AM
Lucas is going to recast Darth Vader for the Star Wars remake, who do you want? (Poll)FluorescentVoid77/30 10:02AM
If we had Sara Jay yesterday, today should be Christy Marks day...Arctic_Sunrise47/30 10:01AM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXVII
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keyblader19854647/30 9:58AM
Damnit I wish I had known Twitter was a stock I could buyErik_P17/30 9:57AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 175 Gimli (Poll)scubasteve4277/30 9:56AM
Kitten Pictures, Go Go Go!JediMutant47/30 9:56AM