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I hate it it when someone posts a yes/no poll and there is no no choiceJudgmenl410/21 11:27AM
Why is Pixar sticking with the Cars franchise?
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Rate that cartoon /10 | Day 570| Teen Titans (Poll)Slayer7861610/21 11:17AM
Green Bay Alderman replies to Subway Station Inquiry with terrorism accusation.Storrac310/21 11:17AM
We need a smash 3ds POTD tourney.
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Looking for an internet girlfriend.SuperBetaBoy410/21 11:14AM
I hate wisdom teeth.
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Puppies!KogaSteelfang110/21 11:10AM
I lost interest in Smash Bros. when it turned into a hardcore competitive series
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Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems): Part Deux
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This 24 y/o Nerdy Biology Teacher had sex with a 17 y/o and now faces Prison!! (Poll)
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pumpkie pie whey! yes please.S_Fox510/21 10:58AM
a hot girl comes up to you and says she will be your gf if...
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is there a term for this?argonautweekynd310/21 10:49AM
I sometimes wonder if I would be able to maintain a romantic relationship.
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Nostalgia Critic: Monster SquadNightMareBunny110/21 10:43AM
you guys picking up what i'm putting down?Master Smuggler410/21 10:42AM
You could wait around foreverRedSox342110/21 10:42AM
My Batista drew a tongue out smiley face on my cup. Does she want the D?FellWolf810/21 10:42AM