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Just saw Gone Girl... Do not show your wife/girlfriend! :o spoilersBushidoEffect361/27 2:26PM
Man I don't know how people can do physical labor their whole lives.rexcrk41/27 2:25PM
About the Microsoft HoloLens, are there such thing as "stupid ideas"?InfestedAdam101/27 2:22PM
F*** propane and f*** its stupid ass accessories.The_Alpha_MaIe71/27 2:21PM
I am a Catholicacesxhigh51/27 2:19PM
I keep falling in love with someone everydayBNVshark12371/27 2:19PM
apparently this is the most popular show on cartoon network right now....
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NightMareBunny411/27 2:18PM
What do you call people of this race. (Poll)
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Storrac371/27 2:16PM
Have you ever been in love? (Poll)
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Mr_melodramatic311/27 2:14PM
Why is it that when Sims pee on the floorWhatPoll31/27 2:12PM
I'm really drunk. You know what that means. (Poll)knightoffire5581/27 2:11PM
Do you still have Christmas decorations up? (Poll)Sylvia_Dia71/27 2:10PM
Sports Discussion Topic #110: The Deflated Edition
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Zeeky_Bomb3001/27 2:09PM
Would you have sex with Anita Sarkeesian? (Poll)
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St_Kevin351/27 2:09PM
Do you crinkle your bagged Ramen Noodles? (Poll)
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SirPikachu381/27 2:09PM
'murica is a Province in SpainSt_Kevin51/27 2:09PM
The f*** is an "amiibos"
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Psythik211/27 2:08PM
OJ Simpson didn't kill his wife, why do people still think he did?iliveforlife91/27 2:06PM
Finally, a Deal With It GIF I likeDeltaBladeX41/27 2:05PM
Why can't people just use proper English...
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VioletZer0171/27 2:04PM