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a hot girl comes up to you and says she will be your gf if...
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Ogurisama6310/22 7:23AM
I think people underestimate how lonely I am, and how few people I know.
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Judgmenl1210/22 7:22AM
The first Avengers 2 trailer being shown during Agents of SHIELD next TuesdayCaptain-Trips310/22 7:22AM
Do you like Tuna?
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BigOlePappy2510/22 7:21AM
mcdonald's charged me 1.30 for a drink
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helIy2410/22 7:21AM
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What should the next Pokemon game be called? (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY1210/22 7:20AM
WTH? pro gamer dies during tournament! Donations then flood in. Now $9000BushidoEffect3910/22 7:18AM
My dogs always fart when I pet them.brisashi710/22 7:17AM
What did you all have for dinner tonight?
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WastelandCowboy2310/22 7:14AM
Holy s*** the funniest jump I've ever seen in a game happened in Alan Wake.
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Captain_Drek1910/22 7:07AM
If the current size trend for phones keeps on...BNVshark123610/22 7:01AM
This 24 y/o Nerdy Biology Teacher had sex with a 17 y/o and now faces Prison!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle4110/22 6:53AM
Has The Walking Dead become any better?
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Link_AJ1310/22 6:50AM
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Star Trek TNG vs The X-Files (Poll)alienfreaks041010/22 6:34AM
What is your opinion on Final Fantasy X-2, overall?
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EclairReturns2110/22 6:33AM