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How much time do you spend talking about games versus playing them? (Poll)EclairReturns812/17 4:16PM
Why is the GOP set to reject DC Ballot measure to legalize marijuana?
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kangolcone3912/17 4:16PM
Damn, I love dragon312/17 4:16PM
The hackers won: The Interview pulled from America's biggest theater chains
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Metro22912/17 4:15PM
Mega Man Zero out on Wii U eShoppapercup612/17 4:13PM
*Spoiler*The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Thread *Spoiler*Umitencho412/17 4:13PM
what online games are all the cute girls playing?Botnus912212/17 4:13PM
Does Adventures of Rad Gravity count as a metroidvania?Lokarin312/17 4:13PM
How does this make you feel?KnoxKorner312/17 4:11PM
I pulled a woman's number without even trying
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Erik_P1912/17 4:06PM
Have you seen Kim Jong Uns wife? Do you think she's hot?
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BushidoEffect31312/17 4:05PM
Anyone else really sad that Legend of Korra is ending on Friday?JanwayDaahl812/17 4:05PM
i wish I was delusionally insane
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Zikten2012/17 4:04PM
Just beat Metal Gear Solid 3.Storrac912/17 4:04PM
Peanut Butter > Sugar = Chocolate chip > Snickerdoodles >PowerOats312/17 4:03PM
I leave for Japan in a few hours. Can't Sleep. Talk to me night PotD
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madadude3712/17 3:58PM
The Interview has been cancelled
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DirtBasedSoap3412/17 3:56PM
I'm surprised that North Korea didn't freak out about Team America World Police.GameLord113212/17 3:55PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master16612/17 3:54PM
I am watching Gilmore Girls as me anything
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JoanOfArcade2512/17 3:53PM