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Is Treasure Planet a Disney movie that went under the radar?FellWolf29/19 7:36PM
Scotland: In the words of Left 4 Dead's Bill; "This is gonna get bad..."
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Arctic_Sunrise119/19 7:36PM
I just bought a fender twin reverb.DirtBasedSoap69/19 7:36PM
So, I'm getting through Ben Bova's 'Grand Tour' sci-fi series.Arctic_Sunrise79/19 7:35PM
House from Gone Home turned into a CS:GO map by legendary CS map maker NipperKingmichael133719/19 7:33PM
I just heard the stupidest "Sexy is sexist" argument ever.VioletZer019/19 7:32PM
So I just learned I became a Grand Uncle at the ripe old age of...pionear69/19 7:32PM
weird hair guy at my school
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humptyrump169/19 7:31PM
didn't know hyrule warriors was coming out so soon.Nade Duck19/19 7:31PM
Is Spirit Breaker good in Dota 2? I always liked playing him before.DespondentDeity19/19 7:29PM
itt: ill give my honest opinion of you
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IAmNowGone139/19 7:28PM
Are those $16 FF smartphone games worth the money? (Poll)
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plasma_kirby123179/19 7:28PM
Should I find a girlfriend? (Poll)knightoffire5599/19 7:27PM
Should I oder a pizza?Mr_melodramatic89/19 7:26PM
So.... about that conversation last night.
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Flutershy1439/19 7:26PM
lol f***ing Scotland you wasn't gonna do anything anywayFatalAccident69/19 7:24PM
Sports Discussion Topic #102: Off the Field Distractions
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STLCards19911069/19 7:22PM
should a guy that likes fat girls have to hide it from his family and friends? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny369/19 7:22PM
Have you ever burnt your mouth on a hot piece of pizza? (Poll)MrArmageddon889/19 7:21PM
Hurt/Heal: Final Fantasy IX Characters
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EclairReturns219/19 7:19PM