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A person reinvented the cooler and started a kickstarter with a 50K goal.
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The Halo 2 remastered cut scenes are f****** amazing.
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MechaKirby117/26 1:11AM
I just started watching Breaking Bad for the first timesin1ster97/26 1:00AM
I never really understood why superheroes didn't kill more baddies...
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Arctic_Sunrise347/26 12:59AM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 4 - bluPython (Poll)
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edededdy167/26 12:50AM
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Smelter Demoooooooooon!
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Mafia (no name yet) Signups
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metalconkerrr517/26 12:38AM
Dare I say MGS4 the worst in the series?.... (Poll)
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Captain-Trips227/26 12:19AM
I can't remember the last time I actually slept in a bed.__Muscles__97/26 12:19AM