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Judging the success of consoles by their exclusives...
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DexNav has got to be the best implemented feature of any pokemon game.IceDragon77111/22 11:03AM
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Gymnast Girls have the best ass
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Biggest trolls in GF? (Poll)
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Disappointing Sunset Overdrive Sales as it only sells 320,000 worldwide.. (Poll)
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Hurt and heal Digimon Tamers main DigimonMilleyd111/22 10:32AM
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Best Dragon Ball canonical villian (Poll)yourDaddie611/22 9:57AM
SPACE FAN-FIC - Chapter Two... but just an excerpt.
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I apparently work with a famous BMX Rider.Judgmenl811/22 9:35AM
we need to change how mental illness is judged in this countryZikten511/22 9:17AM
My Shepard got me a new pet todayyourDaddie111/22 9:16AM
is there any logic to this psychological issue or am I just insane?Zikten211/22 9:10AM
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