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To the 3.33% who went >1 month w/o internet...hutchyhutchy37/22 2:34PM
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OMGah. So uncensored Japanese adult vids are funded by YAKUZA?BushidoEffect3107/22 2:27PM
Gamechamp's Videos Topic
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Oh awesome. The unaffordable noncare overeaction may be going down.bluPython17/22 2:22PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 116- Another Simpsons Clip Show (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets77/22 2:18PM
My plane ticket is purchased and my hotel is booked. 38 days until fun begins...
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Watching random episodes of Boy Meets World.Judgmenl77/22 2:11PM
Best HM slaves in all pokemon?LemonDestroyer107/22 2:07PM
Saw Owen Wilson at a local eatery today...quigonzel87/22 2:00PM
What Religion (or non-religion) do you affiliate with? (Poll)
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Mario Kart is making me chubby.
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Something weird happened on my way to the gym today.Alpha_Duck_17/22 1:21PM
My cousin was pecked by a poisonous bird in AustraliaMetal_Gear_Link107/22 1:19PM
Real life now looks like a PS1 titleWhatPoll77/22 1:17PM
attn ages boy (also ziggi is so butthurt)
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Why does Nostalgia Critic use extra people in his reviews these days?Metro297/22 1:11PM
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