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I think one of my hard drives is failing.Flutershy74/21 11:42AM
"If X becomes President, I'm moving to Canada!"
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Metro2164/21 11:40AM
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Damn, I just spent an hour working on my plants in the greenhouseBNVshark12344/21 9:24AM
thank god 4/20 is over
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ZiggiStardust114/21 9:21AM
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Rate this Villain Day 408 Robert the Tire (Rubber) (Poll)scubasteve4284/21 9:04AM
Japanese TV is like Japan has beaten television long ago
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Vicaris174/21 8:42AM
Do you recall this old DOS? gamedeadpigs10174/21 8:40AM
Bob's burgers to become ongoing comic bookNightMareBunny34/21 8:34AM