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This guy is starting to piss me offBNVshark123610/31 1:52PM
10 hours walking as a woman in NYC
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ZiggiStardust28310/31 1:51PM
why do people whiteout arguments always scream?yourDaddie810/31 1:50PM
People celebrate Halloween for the wrong reasonsErik_P910/31 1:50PM
Why do so many f***ing anti-fun people got to try to ruin the best holiday ever?
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Troll_Police_6310/31 1:50PM
why is fishing much more socially accepted that hunting? (Poll)
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yourDaddie1610/31 1:48PM
Christians of PotD, now is the time to take a stand against Halloween.Queen_Awakening210/31 1:48PM
scariest game you've played?Botnus912610/31 1:46PM
I am so bad at Spelunky.
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ASlaveObeys1110/31 1:38PM
Nothing's scarier than real people: Therefor ~ HALLOWEEN COUNTERSTRIKELokarin510/31 1:38PM
Why can't you say you are proud to be white even when whites are minority
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yourDaddie2110/31 1:37PM
Sports Discussion Topic #104: Honey, I Dinked and Dunked the Kids
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Ultima_Dragoon34610/31 1:35PM
I'm a little perplexed, but my moms dog stopped eating from her dish. Any ideas?Melon_Master410/31 1:33PM
my nerdblock came inNade Duck110/31 1:30PM
What would be better?LemonDestroyer510/31 1:29PM
Best Foo Fighters Song? (Poll)Captain-Trips1010/31 1:29PM
So Rowling has released a Professor Umbridge backstory.raymanfan1310/31 1:28PM
I'm discovering that I don't enjoy a lot of my most beloved games anymore :(
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raymanfan11610/31 1:22PM
So this is what I carved into a pumpkin =)N805710/31 1:15PM
I thought this account was bannedThe_Afterman510/31 1:14PM