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What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for a day? (Poll)Q_Sensei58/1 1:06PM
Knights of Sidonia is this year's best animeyourDaddie48/1 1:05PM
God, is there really no text to image on chrome? or anyway to have the menu bar
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for those that play awesomenauts and are ranks 6-9
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There are two types of guys:
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TLoU Remastered is awesome!
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ZiggiStardust218/1 12:44PM
Gamestop: Paper Mario: Sticker Star. $10.helIy48/1 12:39PM
If you were forced to marry someone of a different race than you (Poll)yourDaddie108/1 12:39PM
Which is honestly the superior humanoid race? (Poll)yourDaddie18/1 12:35PM
So, apparently, the Guardians of the Galaxy after credits scene is *spoilers*newsuperdude78/1 12:34PM
I found out I have asian ancestryyourDaddie38/1 12:34PM
The superior race (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY138/1 12:30PM
Jehovah's Witnesses came to my house today.Storrac68/1 12:20PM
Gamestop: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. $10, In store only.helIy18/1 12:19PM
Anyone done or received a Tarot card reading before?Unfernal_Server88/1 12:19PM
Are you a poster or a lurker? (Poll)
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"Microsoft" called me today.slacker0315098/1 12:10PM
I got front-row tickets to Monday Night RAW next week.ZiggiStardust68/1 12:06PM
Rate this Villain Day 175 Mole Man (Poll)
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Day 177 Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash up (Poll)scubasteve42108/1 12:03PM