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"You know, Clementine, we really are The Walking Dead" (Closed)
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You win this time, Japan...
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Have you ever bought virtual in-game currency with real money? (Poll)
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I, for one, bow down to our new robotic overlords.WastelandCowboy28/20 10:08PM
Sorry Republicans, Soccer is becoming popular in America
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This will probably get deleted... but about the 'Quinnspiracy'.
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Dammit PotD, school's about to start soon and I'm no where NEAR level 30!PollGuy5488/20 9:27PM
Just beat Zelda WW on Wii U and made me realize Wii U is a disappointment
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Batman Arkham Asylum.. !!!SPOILERS!!!BeerOnTap48/20 9:19PM
The french were among the best warriors for a thousand years
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