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Fire Emblem: Black and Fire Emblem: White versionPowerOats14/1 3:40PM
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I hope Nick Offerman dies
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PSA: Nintendo Direct starts in a few hours, 3 pm Pacific Time
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i got a gf!!acesxhigh54/1 3:36PM
Shin megami tenshi x FIre emblem trailer!PowerOats74/1 3:33PM
I'm always hungry and I can't stop eating. I think I'm pregnant.Dynalo74/1 3:32PM
Spot a girl in her underwear...
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Solid Sonic154/1 3:21PM
Which GTA had the best radio stations? (Poll)
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SIayer-284/1 3:21PM
Will all next gen systems use discs as their primary format?deadpigs10124/1 3:20PM
I've been feeling really down latleyAwesomeTurtwig44/1 3:20PM
PSN Easter Sale (PAL) - Thoughts on potential purchasesDeltaBladeX104/1 3:18PM
Anybody remember the teen who was denied a heart transplant...
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A girl just asked me out for a drink tomorrow night
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I'm scurredLokarin74/1 3:06PM
MEWTWO STRIKES BACK! capMechaKirby14/1 3:01PM
No More Heroes by The Stranglers is a fantastic album.AKA_Tex_Mex54/1 2:59PM
I took some Valium last night. Is it supposed to take this long?MrMelodramatic14/1 2:55PM
So Pillars Of Eternity has a quest where you kill transgendered people?
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Chef_Excellence604/1 2:50PM
I took some Valium last night. Is it supposed to last this long? (Closed)MrMelodramatic34/1 2:47PM