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RPGs with "cool"/collected and skilled main characters that aren't angsty?Milleyd47/30 10:51AM
Johnny DronehunterDmess8517/30 10:38AM
"Killer app" has got to be the most annoying buzzword I've ever heard.MasterSword54637/30 10:36AM
That feeling when you get the "We're interested" email from an employer.Judgmenl77/30 10:32AM
I got a new toy. [Pics]
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SIvIart_USMC337/30 10:21AM
yknow, I'm literally the best thing to happen to this board
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helIy147/30 10:09AM
You wanna be me?IronBornCorps47/30 10:03AM
Damnit I wish I had known Twitter was a stock I could buyErik_P17/30 9:57AM
i don't understand people that eat dinner between 2-4 PM
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NightMareBunny137/30 9:45AM
Would you date a vegan/vegetarian woman? (Poll)Troll_Police_107/30 9:37AM
Gaies is back. Look out youngins.Troll_Police_97/30 9:37AM
Who are the Good Guys, Israelis or Hamas? (Poll)St_Kevin27/30 9:34AM
You have the option to: end world hunger or cure cancer (Poll)
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AwesomeTurtwig517/30 9:33AM
You think America will get the Ebola Outbreak? (Poll)
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Slayer7861147/30 9:23AM
To those who listed Vegetarian/Vegan as a deal breaker...
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VioletZer0117/30 9:18AM
So I just realized I put my underwear on inside-out this morning.
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keyblader1985157/30 9:16AM
Why is polygamy illegal?
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Metro2377/30 8:47AM
Bleach season 1 is free on Xbox Live.
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helIy247/30 8:44AM
6 Philadelphia Naroctics officers arrected for corruption.SunWuKung42087/30 8:38AM
ITT: I found a literal army of ants in my driveway.helIy47/30 8:10AM