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Why is eating a horse frowned upon?Action5311/31 3:38PM
Gotta' admit, at least they have the self-confidence to be who they want to be.WastelandCowboy21/31 3:37PM
IS beheaded Japan prisoner. No more negotiation possible with these fools!
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BushidoEffect3151/31 3:37PM
How would you rank the "abridged" Harry Potter movies? (Poll)
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EclairReturns121/31 3:37PM
It's time for the circumcision debate again after a baby dies of blood loss.
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raymanfan1271/31 3:35PM
some redneck lady interrupts a muslim speaker on muslim day in texas
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ZiggiStardust251/31 3:29PM
Best game with the word star in the title?
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BlazeAndBlade111/31 3:28PM
Minecraft may become the first game I get a platinum trophy in.Dynalo101/31 3:21PM
I wish dueling was legal to an extant
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darcandkharg31121/31 3:18PM
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Link_AJ481/31 3:15PM
Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Steam) price error in New Zealand
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DeltaBladeX161/31 3:14PM
I just got Hyrule Warriors
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papercup171/31 3:11PM
Tax Question - I got Earned Income Credit. Can anyone explain what this is?CoinFlipBimbo71/31 3:08PM
IP banned messagewwinterj25101/31 3:05PM
The Iron Giant worth $5 on DVD?Stupid Pirate Guy51/31 3:04PM
It's kind of messed up that we rely on schools to feed our childrenNeoSioType101/31 3:04PM
Why did God give man foreskin, if He mandates cutting it off?
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GanonsSpirit151/31 3:03PM
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG and Related nonsense Discussion Topic XLIII
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zpoopinthe3rd1851/31 3:02PM
We decided to take our kids to Chuck E. Cheese for the afternoon...
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quigonzel111/31 3:01PM
Baptists destroyed my yard.KogaSteelfang51/31 2:58PM