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Could you imagine if Canada was just like Mexico?St_Kevin310/28 6:31PM
How much is a meal at Outback with an appetizer (blooming onion)
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What is your current phone? (Poll)
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Darksiders vs Bayonetta (Poll)
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Moncton, NB shooter apologizes for killing 3 RCMP officers.Ferarri619310/28 5:37PM
Does Ganon count as Ganondorf?
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Durpee71610/28 5:36PM
Is the nuclear family required for a functional society? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei2910/28 5:34PM
Is Margaritaville the worst song ever?
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bachewychomp1210/28 5:30PM
Sweet, found an iPhone 4S today while cleaning at work.SIvIart_USMC810/28 5:19PM
Worst Sequel of all time. (Poll)
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knightoffire553110/28 5:18PM
Religion haters (elitist atheist) are worse that actual religious peopledavf135510/28 5:17PM
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I just felt boobs for the first timeRaw_Egg610/28 5:03PM
How close to the sun do you have to be to dieDmess85610/28 5:02PM
Can we please have some anti-gamergate folks that won't blather on about...
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VioletZer01710/28 4:50PM