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Why does it seem no good games come out anymore...?WaterImp55/25 4:30PM
Sweet, 39 users on my ignore list.
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Captain-Trips305/25 4:24PM
I grilled out for the first time ever tonight...Hm64 00735/25 4:22PM
This lands on your hand what do you do?
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Ogurisama375/25 4:12PM
oh my god, why do women talk about stupid s*** together?
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Muscles165/25 4:08PM
I could really use a friend right now.
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MrMelodramatic445/25 4:05PM
I got a chuckle out of the new XKCD.
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keyblader1985215/25 4:02PM
Do you play video games to fill a hole in your life?
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Chef_Excellence305/25 3:58PM
I have special eyesLokarin95/25 3:50PM
I'm willing to bet some of you drunks would love to play this game.AllstarSniper3245/25 3:44PM
Hey guys! I'm new here! What's up?
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RyanLuvsTofu335/25 3:33PM
Well Nade, Ziggi really does have a wife.
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GanonsSpirit205/25 3:17PM
Do PotD moderations purge faster?Zeus35/25 3:08PM
ATTN: PrincessMagicalquigonzel25/25 3:00PM
guy with no arms wins in paralympics swimming event
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rgonautweekend135/25 2:43PM
Best world in Super Mario World (Poll)
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Ogurisama185/25 2:40PM
I f***ING LOVE POLLS! (yeah!) (Poll)Zeus25/25 2:37PM
Apparently mac python has a bunch of non-standard modules already installed.ArtistScientist65/25 2:34PM
My laptop seems to be dead.adjl45/25 2:33PM
Epic Rap Battles of History set to return tomorrowJoanOfArcade105/25 2:27PM