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Do you know of any who is extremely judgmental and critical of others?KainReaver10924/25 12:28PM
So I placed top 16 in an Awesomenauts tournament todayAwesomeTurtwig64/25 12:25PM
man, that trip to toronto did not help my opinion of canadia AT ALLTroll_Police_84/25 12:25PM
I just made traditional Portuguese 'caldo verde.'AtledAotearoa14/25 12:24PM
Man apparently they suspended a bunch of my accounts.
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DukeRaoul23304/25 12:22PM
Anime,Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XLVI
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That_70s_show154/25 12:21PM
Full Throttle needs to stop posting dumb topics about fake articles.
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thedeerzord124/25 12:21PM
Anti-Gay Bakers have to pay $135,000 to Lesbians for DISCRIMINATION!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle274/25 12:20PM
so apparently european parents are fine with their little kids running off alone
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NightMareBunny314/25 12:18PM
awww shhiiiiiieeeet guess who just set up a friend dateMrMelodramatic24/25 12:17PM
Dwarf Fortress Mafia: Early Spring (Day 1)
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Lokarin734/25 12:15PM
Something to think about when it comes to calling someone a "b****"
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VioletZer0394/25 12:14PM
I just cheated on my boyfriend again.
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Sylvia_Dia1024/25 12:12PM
I miss the days when PrincessMagical didn't only talk about God and Jesus.
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WastelandCowboy134/25 12:10PM
Now that's some pretty level design
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eating4fun134/25 12:05PM
"My PS4 was stolen and I was wondering if you can look up my receipt"quigonzel104/25 11:59AM
Happy Birthday to Al Pacino, Hank Azaria, Jason Lee and Rene ZellwegerCornishGhost34/25 11:56AM
New Avatar.Judgmenl54/25 11:52AM
going to Asia in a month. what should I bring back.Master Smuggler94/25 11:52AM
I feel so so bad for this girl. She peed herself on live TVFatalAccident24/25 11:51AM