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The radio edit of What It's Like always makes me laugh.GanonsSpirit11/30 2:29PM is now officially dead.TesstheGoblin61/30 2:27PM
I beat tales of legendia last night (spoiler)ernieforss41/30 2:26PM
C/D: Hugo Weaving's acting was the one consistently good thing in the Matrixes.
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raymanfan1131/30 2:26PM
Can't find this video, buncha white people in a park doing something silly andVicaris11/30 2:21PM
So, Dragon Age 2 was an alright game...Mehere31/30 2:18PM
what are YOU playing this weekend?
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ZiggiStardust261/30 2:03PM
Taking my dad to go see Birdman right now.Storrac11/30 2:01PM
Buddy, you're a boy, make a big noiseDeltaBladeX11/30 1:36PM
So does anyone use the "cheaper" Verizon internet?N80531/30 1:31PM
So I've been struggling with s*** lately and the Dr. put me on anti-depressants
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Malleum121/30 1:21PM
plans for this weekendOgurisama21/30 12:44PM
The Official SCHMENDRAKE Discussion Topic
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ZiggiStardust231/30 12:40PM
Some stupid ungrateful teenager kept arguing with his mom & dad last night
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Erik_P241/30 12:10PM
Who b**** this is?
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Storrac121/30 12:09PM
C/D you like the outdoors
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Ogurisama141/30 12:07PM
Bored? Have nothing to do? Then check this out.Metro271/30 12:01PM
Game Grumps has 10 episodes more to pass Sonic 06 with FireRed for most epsraymanfan111/30 11:58AM
Nintendo and Namco should team up and make Tales of Zelda
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MechaKirby251/30 11:47AM
Speed runs is crazy, man.Zareth31/30 11:41AM