The Unofficial Beaten Games of 2014 Thread

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Post here when you beat a game, and keep a list. Follow whatever rules you want for what "beaten" counts as, generally reaching the end credits counts but some games are exceptions. Whoever beats the most games by the end of the year wins absolutely no prizes but bragging rights, so cheat as much as possible.

My List:
-Absolutely Nothing. Come on, gimme a few days.
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#2KanakiriPosted 1/1/2014 11:52:54 PMmessage detail
I don't think I even beat anything in 2013
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It shouldn't count if you started the game in 2013.
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Rlaur2 posted...
It shouldn't count if you started the game in 2013.

All depends on if you want it to count. If, say, you beat the first level on December 31st, and beat levels 2-99 in 2014, I would say you could add it.
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i_am_AcTive posted...

Oh man what difficulty??
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Started Legend of Mana yesterday. Already have around 10 artifacts put down. Probably gonna beat this by next week.
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working on Serious Sam 3. incidentally, the game is f***ing awesome.
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Finished Episode 1 of Walking Dead Season Two. Won't count it until all the episodes are out, though. Need to bump this topic anyways. xP

Also making progress in Link's Awakening. Girlfriend bought it for me. :3
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This topic still exists.
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