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Post and I will rank you, and I'm cooler/smarterSquall749181/28 10:20PM
Why haven't we absorbed Puerto Rico yet?
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Metal_Gear_Link181/28 10:12PM
This Man Raped his Nephew's Girlfriend...Look at what he did to him!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle131/28 9:55PM
This 29 y/o Man tried to sell his Virginity but no one bought him...Is he Ugly?? (Poll)Full Throttle51/28 9:55PM
Project Diva F 2nd $29.99 at gamestop!!PimpMyRhydon11/28 9:52PM
Best TV Show from these? (Poll)
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Slayer7861111/28 9:42PM
It's that time of the year again!!: Let's watch Magnolia while drunk!!
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Captain-Trips121/28 9:26PM
I have officially quit online roleplaying.
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Storrac121/28 9:21PM
i hate how i have to ration food like a zombie apocalypse due to my area...
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NightMareBunny161/28 9:21PM
Doom 3 on Nightmare isn't as bad as I expected it to be...
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papercup161/28 9:14PM
Someone make me food.DirtBasedSoap51/28 9:01PM
Man walks inside an empty shut down Jamestown Mall in Missouri growing Mold!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle281/28 8:57PM
Ever have those times when you yawn, and tiny droplets of saliva sprinkle out?Metro251/28 8:32PM
Anyone have experience with Ableton Live, Nexus2, Edirol Orchestral, FLStudios?Joshsonic2611/28 8:29PM
Gta 5 on pay or Xbox one? (Poll)
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Blank 000141/28 8:29PM
I have a weird fear while eating bagels that it's going to flip up and smack me.
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zpoopinthe3rd151/28 8:23PM
Thinking about deleting my Reddit account.Storrac41/28 8:16PM
These cats are far more skilled than any of us will ever beDeltaBladeX81/28 7:50PM
Xbox Live Gold deals are legit.Yopster51/28 7:10PM
My propensity to slip British English words due to watching Ashens made me think
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Solid Sonic111/28 6:54PM