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yay! got on the scale today and I dropped to my ideal weight :DS_Fox65/20 9:07AM
That's right kids! The most shameless WoW copying clone ever is coming to STEAM!
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shipwreckers175/20 8:50AM
did you know wendys used to have an all you can eat pizza bar($3.99)in the 90's?
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NightMareBunny145/20 8:36AM
So how does Reddit work? If you make one topic you can't make another for a bit?AIundra35/20 8:35AM
So if the rule is "half your age plus 7..."
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BNVshark123305/20 8:33AM
Which one of these girls have the hottest name? (Poll)
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PowerOats265/20 8:15AM
God. Why do people run again?
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Dynalo365/20 8:03AM
GameStop's not going out of business anytime soon so long as
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quigonzel285/20 7:59AM
When I grow up, I'm wanna be a Let's Player on Youtube and review games.Metro235/20 7:59AM
Games you regret never playing :(
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Junpeiclover135/20 7:58AM
Asian-Canadian Girl who gave birth on Plane with White Guy is called GREEDY!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle145/20 7:30AM
Beyond Two Souls would be better on the iPad than PS3.ArtistScientist105/20 6:58AM
way too much flooding going on here in texas....
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NightMareBunny125/20 6:15AM
I heard you guys were complaining about aliens taking your jobsDeltaBladeX65/20 5:51AM
I've heard that some people don't wipe...edbassmaster105/20 5:24AM
I saw Ex Machina.brisashi105/20 3:27AM
entourage is still a thing?
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Nade Duck225/20 3:06AM
What the heck happened to Treasure?Gencoil15/20 2:47AM
I wonder if SPECTRE will break the Bond formula again.raymanfan145/20 2:27AM
These 3 White Teens Killed an Hispanic Teen cause they went GUAT Hunting!!... (Poll)Full Throttle45/20 2:24AM