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Do teens still play JRPGs?
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Vicaris148/20 8:29AM
Octuober 'packed'of games?Metal_Gear_Link48/20 8:14AM
Why are jobs so much harder to come by as opposed to 2011?ImmortalityV88/20 8:04AM
ZSS costume controversy is frustrating.
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VioletZer0618/20 8:00AM
Just saw Shawshank Redemption for the first time.
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Captain_Drek148/20 7:54AM
What is your phones OS? (Poll)Ogurisama68/20 7:49AM
Have you ever met online friends in person?
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Metro2388/20 7:38AM
Katy Perry is hotYuffie36078/20 7:31AM
Life sucks and drinking makes it worse. (Closed)
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RikkuSwirls348/20 7:26AM
You will never see anything creepier than this.raymanfan198/20 7:23AM
TEAM 7, back in action!SunWuKung42038/20 7:07AM
Why is despicted as Jesus blonde green eyed
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Metal_Gear_Link148/20 6:44AM
Doctors are Baffled from what's happening to this 8 y/o Kid's Hands..WARNING!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle248/20 6:17AM
I'm drunk.SunWuKung42078/20 6:14AM
There's a place near me called The *pound symbol*1 BakeryLootman18/20 6:08AM
Well PotD, I am going to take a late night walk in a really bad neighbohood.
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Mr_melodramatic178/20 5:33AM
*Sniff sniff.* ;_; I'm not knowledgeable about ANYTHING!!Solid Sonic38/20 5:18AM
How the hell can a video game change your life for the better?
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FLOUR298/20 5:01AM
f***ing terrorists man, leave us aloneFatalAccident28/20 3:06AM
I'm finally able to turn my air conditioner off in 5 days and open some windows.Erik_P48/20 3:02AM