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Note to all of my steam friends
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ACTUAL funniest potder contest. Bracket #4 (Poll)
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I've broken a 3DS by walking on one, not by snapping it in half.Sirius24/17 9:07AM
I'm attempting a no shield Dark Souls 2 runChef_Excellence84/17 8:59AM
MESSENGER spacecraft to crash on Mercury in two weeks
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This Gender Neutral Kid from Texas was DENIED Service..Look at what he Wore!!.. (Poll)
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how do you prevent chafing between your legs?
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Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 16a: Grand Theft Auto V vs. Bayonetta 2 (Poll)
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What if Betty Ross and Bruce Banner are being intimate and...Action5374/17 7:14AM
Pick a number from 1-10 before entering (Poll)
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I touched a clown, now I'm going to jail!Chef_Excellence44/17 7:10AM
I was playing Shadows of Mordor while fighting a least 15 orcs and a captain.
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SunWuKung420174/17 7:07AM
So GTA 5 is the most successful non-Valve game on SteamJudgmenl74/17 6:28AM
Why are you snapping your DSes and 3DSes in half?GrimCyclone54/17 6:22AM
Knuckles(Sonic)Vs Bowser(Super Mario) (Poll)NightMareBunny104/17 6:20AM
You're not hardcore
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