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random - SBallen lightened restrictions.
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Ryan-062310/30 9:19AM
Your opinions on this video?KainReaver109110/30 9:16AM
If given the voice option in a game, do you pick ENGLISH or JAPANESE??? (Poll)
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shipwreckers6310/30 9:14AM
Claudio Sanchez is such a good singer >_<Milleyd610/30 8:53AM
Do you like whoppers candy? (Poll)
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grape_purple3010/30 8:51AM
it's times like now I wish I didn't break up with my ex.LemonDestroyer1010/30 8:45AM
i just got another pokemon oras demo codehelIy310/30 8:39AM
A girl I'm friends with on Facebook just shared a SomeThomas comicfaramir77210/30 8:33AM
So many good 360 games for under 10 bucks used now.BigOlePappy210/30 8:26AM
what happened to blu python
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argonautweekynd1710/30 7:52AM
Any of you like Pewdiepie?
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TinyTankX2010/30 7:47AM
fantastic four is getting cancelled?helIy810/30 7:47AM
Happy birthday SmokeMassTree!DrPrimemaster110/30 7:30AM
If I'm on your ignore list, please post here.
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Mr_melodramatic1210/30 7:25AM
Van, TBC, WotLK, Cata, or MoP? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust3710/30 7:24AM
I have 0 friends on my 3DS. Be my friend please.zpoopinthe3rd910/30 7:19AM
VioletZer0 told me one time that she would let me smell her hair if we ever met
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bachewychomp2110/30 7:09AM
The latest chapter of Naruto (spoilers).SunWuKung420710/30 7:08AM
It has come to my attention that PrincessMagical is now gone off the deep end.
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WastelandCowboy2810/30 7:07AM
Finally going to get to see Black Dahlia Murder tonightTroll_Police_110/30 6:55AM