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You wake up to find out that you have 20 asses
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Well damn your body type topic! I'll make another one!BNVshark12373/26 12:30PM
Alien Isolation is 75% off on Steam...papercup23/26 12:24PM
Do I need college to live decently?
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New Pokemon symphony tour dates!meteorgun733/26 11:59AM
College: Paying large amounts of money to study on your own (Poll)
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These People Who NEVER played Resident Evil ???
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RIP AJ PeroKrow_Incarnate93/26 10:41AM
I just had like a retail nightmare dreamargonautweekynd13/26 10:39AM
OMG this dude can spitESMWjot83/26 10:13AM
So, what do you call a black fellow flying an aircraft.
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Steven Universe is giving ol' Stephen Bean a case of the feels.
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I pushed myself too hard at the gym yesterdayErik_P23/26 9:56AM
ITT i post fun and biased facts about America's hat.EonsHavePassed53/26 9:38AM
Day 388 Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash up (Poll)scubasteve4263/26 9:27AM
Rate this Villain Day 386 Amazo (Poll)scubasteve4263/26 9:27AM
Sign if you beat the first enemy in Bloodborne!
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Are there any video games that are awesome, but the music/sound is useless?
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Operation Resolution StormViolet_Blooded13/26 7:54AM
How do potd view leftwing british political parties? (Poll)bulbinking33/26 7:33AM