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I am in a food coma from the best meal I have ever had.
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Gastroid123/27 8:31PM
The only money that is legal are now pennies.
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TheWorstPoster153/27 8:13PM
Pillars of Eternity (new Obsidian game) releases tomorrow! Anyone else excited?
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Far-Queue203/27 7:25PM
Hmmm so I had a team project where we got a plagiarism warning and one of my
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aHappySacka143/27 7:22PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 703 ~ The Vampire Diaries (Poll)Slayer53/27 7:06PM
Best Metal Gear Solid Boss Fight? (Slight spoilers) (Poll)
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Captain-Trips213/27 7:01PM
my most anticipated 2015 game... delayed...
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Komaiko54243/27 6:56PM
Gets In An Uber...aDirtyShisno23/27 6:38PM
*looks at the poll* 4.22% people who visit GameFAQs can't be trusted.maniaxe61363/27 6:29PM
How often do you clean your bathroom? (Poll)
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VioletZer0263/27 6:21PM
I'm love with Mila Kunis
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The_Sexorcist113/27 6:18PM
there's a new AVGN video.
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helIy143/27 6:14PM
Is Fallout/Skyrim a dungeon crawler?Lokarin53/27 6:04PM
I miss living in a big city.
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Kanakiri303/27 5:51PM
Alien lizardmen from nibiru are stunting our evolution by causing our crystal
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EonsHavePassed183/27 5:48PM
1998-Enemy of The State is the most awesome, accurate fictional movie ever..lolRyan-0653/27 5:48PM
Wedding Cake Island (Midnight Oil Cover)Black_Crusher13/27 5:47PM
TPB Season 9 is out!!!!r7gerrabbit83/27 5:42PM
Better Call Saul > Breaking Bad.Judgmenl93/27 5:37PM
Why would Dr. Robotnik build a goddamned pinball machine as a defense system?TheWorstPoster63/27 5:35PM