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Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXVIII (Closed)
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...the mug shot just really says it all, here.
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What sign would make you believe in God? (Poll)
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I'm finally playing Xenogears for the first time. *minor spoilers*JigsawThought58/20 6:14PM
I'm going to meet Nobuo Uematsu this week-end!
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I give Eldritch the "Best Free Game Delta Gave Me That I Didn't Want" award
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Lokarin228/20 6:09PM
I don't even think soma likes Castlevania that muchbachewychomp48/20 5:54PM
Yes I find the Ice Bucket challenge thing stupid.
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Decide what 3DS game I buy next, PotD! (Poll)
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If you could stop one movie from being made what would it be? (Poll)knightoffire5598/20 5:43PM
Phil Fish thinks we are unworthy gamers. (Poll)
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Watching 'The CIty on the Edge of Forever'Judgmenl18/20 5:19PM
Teal Alert: My fish is missing.
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So now that I don't really drink, I found out how much I truly hate clubs.
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Clopfic of Hank Hill and Twilight, anyone?KnoxKorner28/20 4:47PM
These 2 Love-Bird Teens Killed themselves by jumping in front of a Train...Full Throttle78/20 4:46PM
Started watching something, Koragami? Something like thatLokarin18/20 4:46PM
How have games changed your life?
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