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Are most asexuals even a real thing or do people just claim to be asexual cause
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bachewychomp1111/23 4:40PM
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What games does the PO like?Lokarin711/23 4:33PM
oot master quest is underwhelming
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CornishGhost1311/23 4:32PM
Trading bundle games for Steam trading cards again
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DeltaBladeX1611/23 4:31PM
games to be hype for in 2015?
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Ao_Ryuu542611/23 4:30PM
Interesting article about how human civilization is much older than whats taughtSunWuKung420411/23 4:26PM
Lesbian Couple's home labeled "F****** Live Here" on Google Maps.... (Poll)Full Throttle211/23 4:20PM
Cosplay topic Part 0....5?AllstarSniper32111/23 4:11PM
This 13 y/o Kid Killed himself because Kids insulted him for his Ginger Hair.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle1211/23 3:56PM
My GF account is now over 10 years old.
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Joshs Name2111/23 3:53PM
Should I buy a tablet?ArctheLad13411/23 3:38PM
this pic reminded me of PotD
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Muscles_4201711/23 3:23PM
attn people who have ORASMuscles_420911/23 3:18PM
what do you think of this watch
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argonautweekynd2811/23 3:16PM
Srs thread: why the **** is wiping while standing still a thing
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CiIantro1711/23 3:08PM
Guys, I'm so horny. Help?
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green dragon1311/23 3:05PM
Rank the Star Wars prequels.raymanfan1811/23 3:02PM
your top 10 pokemon?Ogurisama911/23 2:59PM
favorite toy story movie (Poll)Ao_Ryuu54511/23 2:56PM