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Need suggestions for a ringtone for my ex wifeplincoln2178/25 2:44PM
I know now why you cry
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Which one did you like the most? (Movie) (Poll)
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My birthmark peeled off
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So I tried to make a quesadilla with fancy cheeses..
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Melon_Master358/25 2:07PM
10 scientific studies that prove consciousness can alter our physical worldSunWuKung42098/25 1:56PM
I was googling random PotDers and found something very...delicious.
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Storrac178/25 1:55PM
In Canada they had these chips called Roullette Doritos.
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DrPrimemaster198/25 1:51PM
I have 50 dollars in gift card money on Amazon, what should I get...FellWolf48/25 1:46PM
What's the difference: Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer, Witch and MagicianYuffie36058/25 1:31PM
Dishonored is free on Steam, bunch of PS3 games for $10 on PSN (list in topic)
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Far-Queue488/25 1:23PM
There is a world that is virtual and different.Milleyd108/25 1:23PM
Anyone recommend good running shoes? I'm thinking of getting these...
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ZiggiStardust128/25 1:03PM
I'm back, y'all.KroganBaIIEater98/25 1:02PM
Recruiter: "We'll stay in touch."Metro218/25 1:00PM
I just got a call from work saying we don't have to come in today
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grape_purple118/25 12:57PM
How old are you? Do you think you are mature?mayu78038/25 12:53PM
Curses! Mount Your Friends (attn: Taco, etc)mzsylver98/25 12:45PM
Moved in to my new apartment.Mr_melodramatic38/25 12:41PM
Tomorrow, I head back to school.EclairReturns68/25 12:38PM