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do you have friends? (Poll)
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mayu7802312/15 6:20PM
Best way to have pizza? (Poll)
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Ogurisama2612/15 6:19PM
I want to draw as many pictures as possible before 2015 (Poll)
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Lokarin1212/15 6:17PM
Well I just found the first thing I am gonna kick startJoanOfArcade312/15 6:06PM
If you could turn a book into a TV show - which book would you pick and why?
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Lobomoon1212/15 6:03PM
Anyone here take afternoon naps?
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Metro21112/15 6:02PM
wear a touchscreen on your skinWei_Soldier612/15 5:54PM
I love Rainbow Ride.CornishGhost912/15 5:45PM
Why does it seem like people like Elsa more than Anna (Frozen)?
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davf1351312/15 5:42PM
If you have acid/heartburn and take an antacid... does that give you gas?Lokarin212/15 5:30PM
I just bought the other CSGO Mission PackJudgmenl112/15 4:54PM
And yet again, gamqfaqs is having latency issuesOgurisama612/15 4:25PM
just found out you can't track more than 50 topics >_>SHADOW0106612/15 4:09PM
zzz waiting for the .NET framework to download on this potato
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Judgmenl1212/15 4:03PM
How's the weather in your area?
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DelectableTears1512/15 4:02PM
I don't get the hype with Guardians of the Galaxy.
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WastelandCowboy4512/15 3:57PM
'I work on an oil rig and this made my morning'Ryan-06312/15 3:45PM
Videogames solidify the view of women that they should kick ass.
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VioletZer04812/15 3:36PM
Are you cool for cats?Dmess85112/15 3:36PM
It's weird how nobody on here talked about Mockingjay when it was released.
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EclairReturns1512/15 3:35PM