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So i'm about to play Uncharted 2. Among Thieves.
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Kimbos_Egg129/15 8:40AM
Anyone here savvy in the US legal system in regards to labor?rodman87079/15 8:36AM
Wee one more day and I'm no longer a sage!Nightwish69/15 8:25AM
This 23 y/o Girl has been addicted to Boobs Jobs since she was 17...Now look!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle399/15 8:19AM
The new turtles are OPyourDaddie69/15 8:17AM
Home sick for a while, what should I binge watch?Storrac89/15 8:15AM
I hate wearing ties.Dynalo109/15 8:01AM
Yeah... I might quit my job.
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pipebomb_phil399/15 7:50AM
I never thought I'd see the day...keyblader198549/15 7:33AM
The other morning as I was heading to work...keyblader198549/15 7:24AM
No Star Fox Adventures?
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HylianFox159/15 7:16AM
Just Finished FMA: Brotherhood... Massive SpoilersJediMutant79/15 7:05AM
As requested, pictures of my dog.Storrac109/15 6:54AM
I need some ideas to bounce off of for mobile games.VioletZer079/15 6:52AM
I started playing Far Cry 3 and *spoilers*
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pipebomb__sushi149/15 6:52AM
Recommend me some 3DS games
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Entity13119/15 6:44AM
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO bruh this is hilarious!!!ESMWjot59/15 6:35AM
Who is responsible for ensuring that the materials used in a project meet the...
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AwesomeTurtwig119/15 6:34AM
You guys remember Max Steel? "GOIN TURBO!"Captain-Trips59/15 6:11AM
Has anyone experienced this weird phenomenon while in the bathroom?
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Metro2119/15 6:04AM