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Sheyla Hershey is pretty damn hot despite having such ridiculous breasts. (Poll)
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TesstheGoblin151/24 3:16AM
The Grumpcade intro is godawful.raymanfan191/24 3:05AM
OH EM GEE. Later today is the Skyrim Feast Night!
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Arctic_Sunrise151/24 2:58AM
Running is so BORING.
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raymanfan1121/24 2:11AM
I'm drunk and want to play Game Boy. (Poll)knightoffire5561/24 12:40AM
Gamefaqs doesn't even consider the Wii U as a console.CNN71/24 12:36AM
how do you find out the optimal resolution for a monitor?AllstarSniper3251/24 12:21AM
I last played a game on a PSP connected to the TV.Gamechamp3k11/23 11:55PM
I wish they'd make a Spaceman Spiff video game.Far-Queue41/23 11:21PM
I don't know how I feel about seeing a new Star Wars movie without the....quigonzel51/23 11:12PM
Remember the dueling ring on Taris in Kotor?
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MrCool812111/23 11:05PM
A girl puked all over my shirt and I left a party mostly sober for the first...BNVshark12361/23 10:40PM
I just had a salmon omelette.papercup41/23 10:09PM
I'm never going to hypnox again after today.
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Judgmenl461/23 10:05PM
What percentage of this board is LGBT? (Poll)
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EclairReturns261/23 9:52PM
Dollar inflationNeoSioType51/23 9:44PM
I paid off my car today! >=]Jen012541/23 9:30PM
A home game console (PlayStation, Xbox)mugga211/23 9:22PM
I tough Jehovah was the most powerful God
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Metal_Gear_Link261/23 9:11PM
Okay so im going to finish Br Ba season 1 tonight.argonautweekynd41/23 9:08PM