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How does milk in Ocarina of Time instantly restore health?
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When I was younger I thought it would be living the dream to have your own place
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bachewychomp141/25 6:09PM
You wake up tomorrow to find that there are 55 U.S. states
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NeoSioType201/25 6:07PM
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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?WastelandCowboy71/25 6:04PM
Which movie should I see at the theater today? (Poll)
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GameCuber18111/25 5:57PM
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How many years have you been on PotD? (Poll)
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This song has been stuck in my head for a week. I find it really catchy.Final Fantasy238961/25 5:24PM
My thoughts on deflategate.Storrac61/25 5:15PM
You wake up to find Joyce Carol Oates naked, sleeping in your bedWhatPoll101/25 5:10PM
This 22 y/o Target Employee who has Aspergers Killed himself cause they accused, (Poll)
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Full Throttle301/25 5:07PM
I'm getting tired of feeling misanthropic... Idk what to do anymore. (Closed)
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AC_Dragonfire151/25 5:01PM
I start my job as a kennel worker tomorrow!Lazy_Haar41/25 4:56PM
Saw a horrible toy at the store other day: Half Pony, Half TrollLokarin11/25 4:55PM
My kids drive me crazy!!Kollin661841/25 4:52PM
I find that money has no value on its own...
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Mehere171/25 4:41PM