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Its almost that time to replay Final Fantasy IV
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MechaKirby324/14 11:21PM
This Guy FATTENED Up his Girlfriend so that No Guy would hit on her!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle194/14 11:14PM
gamefaqs is an over the roll type of dudes.ReggieBush0914/14 10:55PM
When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.raymanfan184/14 10:50PM
You guys ever watch "Shoe0nHead's" videos on YouTube?GrimCyclone84/14 10:48PM
Vote for Monica, 2016!MasterSword54664/14 10:36PM
100,000 galaxies surveyed for alien life. None found.
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papercup184/14 10:25PM
C/D A man loves his own dick more than anything on a woman's bodyKrow_Incarnate84/14 10:25PM
Hey ciswomen, what intrinsic qualities do you look for most in a man?
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DelectableTears244/14 10:22PM
Best TV Show from these? (Poll)Slayer94/14 10:09PM
Study finds women are actually favored for jobs in STEMReal_Account84/14 10:07PM
*serious topic* Why do people say the best years of your life are in your 20's?
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Junpeiclover124/14 9:55PM
My phone is being a piece of s*** right nowBNVshark12384/14 9:34PM
Check out the new course in Mario Kart 8!SilentSeph74/14 9:23PM
Just finished Daredevil....Krow_Incarnate14/14 9:23PM
Million dollar idea ITT: feel free to steal.VioletZer074/14 9:20PM
WHat happened to Western films?
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The_Sexorcist474/14 9:19PM
Are you satisfied with your current job? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn274/14 8:50PM
After watching all the Fatalities on Youtube is there still a point to MKX?
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FurioTigre184/14 8:43PM
I think I'm starting to figure out this whole Magic the Gathering thing.
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Dynalo124/14 8:07PM