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Remember kids: Jaywalking can get you killed. (Closed)
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Pregnant porn is fun.
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Jimmy Fallon plays Goldeneye 64 with Pierce Brosnan.Ferarri61978/19 10:39PM
threesome? (Poll)
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mayu780128/19 10:24PM
Why is Mickey Mouse in anti-Israeli propaganda?
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If Michael Brown would've just got off the street he wouldn't be dead right now.angrymobjustice78/19 10:21PM
Italy should not bear the blunt of negativity surrounding WW2.
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ImmortalityV218/19 10:19PM
Recommend a NetflixLokarin48/19 10:09PM
Does anyone think Wolf Spiders are cute?MrArmageddon828/19 10:06PM
The unisex name test.
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Imagine if all games went the level design route of Aero the AcroBat 1WhatPoll48/19 9:54PM
What's your favorite Diablo 3 class and why? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust338/19 9:44PM
Americans be jelly of my KarmaSt_Kevin88/19 9:36PM
Are there any Twitter iPhone apps/tweaks that can blacklist certain words?NutOfDeath88/19 9:32PM
Do you dumb down your spelling and grammar when talking to others who do?
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Guess what I learned today.thedeerzord28/19 9:27PM
What would you suggest doing in this situation? (Job search related)Lazy_Haar58/19 9:24PM
speaking of breaking badNade Duck58/19 8:59PM
Is it kinda sad I look forward to work?Judgmenl88/19 8:55PM