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how many of the DC cities exist in the Arrow/Flash universe?Zikten91/28 2:31PM
Zombie Cat!SpeeDLeemon11/28 2:20PM
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Book, Movie, or TV show Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce (Poll)Ogurisama11/28 2:02PM
About the Microsoft HoloLens, are there such thing as "stupid ideas"?
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InfestedAdam131/28 1:57PM
What is this game called Evolve?!
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AllstarSniper32171/28 1:52PM
Tomorrow I'll...
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littlehelp141/28 1:47PM
This 15 y/o Girl was Forced to wear a Coat cause her Dress was Turning Boys On! (Poll)
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'Miracle cat claws its way out of its own grave five days after being buried'
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Nade_Pony261/28 1:36PM
Why are the duck and the dog friends in the new Smash Bros?SuperCooIKid61/28 1:33PM
Storrac's 52 Week 52 Movies Review Topic.
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Storrac261/28 1:13PM
The evidence is really stacking up against Monsanto and its toxic pesticide.
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SunWuKung420111/28 1:07PM
How long would it take you to finish your steam library?
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AwesomeTurtwig311/28 1:02PM
This is the main cast of the new Steve Jobs movieMetro251/28 1:00PM
Vacation on Thursday. Too excited.DirtBasedSoap71/28 12:47PM
105 people can't take a lossReggieBush09101/28 12:42PM
Awhile ago I made a topic asking if volunteering would help me get a job...
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DelectableTears141/28 12:27PM
How many moderated messages do you have on your account right now?
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SkynyrdRocker421/28 12:23PM
Which Movie of the Year are your rooting for the most this Oscar season? (Poll)
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Captain-Trips381/28 12:19PM