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What is your number one priority in life at the moment? (Poll)
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Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 2: Toy Story vs. The Lord of the Rings (Poll)
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quigonzel112/26 12:51PM
Nintendo should make a ROB for its next systemTheWorstPoster22/26 12:18PM
I can't believe it took me this long to play Sly Cooper!shipwreckers82/26 12:11PM
What game are you guys playing this very second?
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Halomaster03402/26 12:11PM
Now that Toad has his own game would you play a King Dedede game (Poll)
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JoanOfArcade112/26 12:01PM
you can still be modded even if you delete the post?
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Da-PollGuy54132/26 11:54AM
So regarding the PS4 and Xbox one (the console wars)JoanOfArcade62/26 11:45AM
How good is Shovel knight?MechaKirby92/26 11:44AM
Tom Petty is one of the most underrated artists there is
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Muscles_420232/26 11:33AM
wtf is with that terrible welcome to the jungle cover in the run all night adsNade Duck32/26 11:19AM
Are you optimistic or pessimistic? (Poll)
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Judgmenl132/26 11:16AM
Jelly or Jam? (Poll)
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Dmess85222/26 11:02AM
What percentage of this board owns a Steam account? (Poll)EclairReturns92/26 11:00AM
Well, Gnominomicon did not have to wait for his close petition to be processed.
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SunWuKung420812/26 10:33AM
so title 2 passed.helIy32/26 10:33AM
I worked as a city of Chicago election judge yesterday, AMADumpsterMcNuggets102/26 10:32AM
What if music smoked pot and got high?
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deadpigs101142/26 10:15AM
Why does Japan love sexuality, not violence, and USA is the other way around?
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Metro2302/26 10:12AM
A Papa Roach 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3232/26 9:48AM