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Beyond Two Souls would be better on the iPad than PS3.ArtistScientist105/20 6:58AM
way too much flooding going on here in texas....
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NightMareBunny125/20 6:15AM
I heard you guys were complaining about aliens taking your jobsDeltaBladeX65/20 5:51AM
I've heard that some people don't wipe...edbassmaster105/20 5:24AM
Dungeons and Dragons Topic! When PCs Attack!
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JediMutant3435/20 4:38AM
I saw Ex Machina.brisashi105/20 3:27AM
entourage is still a thing?
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Nade Duck225/20 3:06AM
What the heck happened to Treasure?Gencoil15/20 2:47AM
I wonder if SPECTRE will break the Bond formula again.raymanfan145/20 2:27AM
These 3 White Teens Killed an Hispanic Teen cause they went GUAT Hunting!!... (Poll)Full Throttle45/20 2:24AM
Holy s***, I got the commission!
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ScooterHodunk265/20 12:14AM
Are you on twitter?
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Lobomoon145/20 12:12AM
Just rested my guts on the bathroom sink...Lokarin45/19 11:28PM
Alright, remaking the tinychat thread since it died.
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AllstarSniper32255/19 11:01PM
Made a video comparing both addiction and dependency.JaH Reborn45/19 10:57PM
Nintendo World Championships qualifier is happening at my Best Buy.Gamechamp3k35/19 10:34PM
What does AC stand for? (Poll)
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Ogurisama555/19 10:33PM
Is there some sort of recap out there to lead up to The Witcher 3?JoanOfArcade25/19 10:23PM
I f***ing hate women who get pregnant
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SHADOW0106535/19 10:21PM
Best TV Show from these? (Poll)Slayer65/19 10:20PM