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Let's Vote on Controversy! Part 1: Gay Marriage (Poll)
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Q_Sensei127/29 9:55AM
I hate how Japan forces it's hairless ness on my FFXIV characterBNVshark12337/29 9:49AM
Best PS3 game ever (Poll)yourDaddie87/29 9:46AM
is spider-man the only comic superhero with a personal life these days?NightMareBunny57/29 9:39AM
so after a third watchMaster Smuggler87/29 9:37AM
It upsets me that Asami hasn;t done much during this season of KorraBNVshark12327/29 9:06AM
Apocalypse: WW Idormcaste17/29 8:55AM
Skyward Sword is like the Naruto Anime 40% Filler.yourDaddie97/29 8:39AM
Copying Turtwig: Ill post in this topic once a day
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Ogurisama387/29 8:32AM
Do people on the west coast really call it "bread"?
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kangolcone207/29 8:32AM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 121- Lisa on Ice (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets67/29 8:25AM
Videogames with cheating A.I.
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HenryKissiger627/29 8:12AM
Let's Vote on Controversy! Part 2: Abortion (Poll)Q_Sensei97/29 8:11AM
well i just submitted a form to become a moderator
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deoxxys437/29 8:09AM
I don't get why people don't buy in bulk.bluPython37/29 8:07AM
I have had diarrhea for several hours...
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Arctic_Sunrise227/29 8:06AM
Walmart's Ice Cream sandwiches don't melt.ZiggiStardust67/29 8:00AM
Look at what happened to this Texas Girl's Samsung Galaxy S4!!!
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Full Throttle187/29 8:00AM
Gooooooood Morning PotD!St_Kevin37/29 7:50AM
It's not a racial slur! It's a term of endearment!
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FatalAccident527/29 7:49AM