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MGS5 has a Sept 1 release date.Tarrun33/3 9:15AM
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Metal Gear Solid V coming out September 1st.Storrac23/3 9:13AM
C/D "check your privilege" is a very poor sentiment. (Poll)
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Pregnant porn is nasty
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Please convince me to move out.
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so freeza is super saiyan nowyourDaddie103/3 9:08AM
Please have one condom not one abortion.
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weird one of my friends on steam told me he's removing everyone on his listNightMareBunny93/3 9:05AM
Due to time travel shenanigans you are now your own mother, father, grandparentsTheWorstPoster23/3 9:04AM
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Rate the PotDer - Day Thirty-Two - MordantHubris (Poll)
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why is anti semetism "the oldest hatred"?
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Have you seen The Last Man on Earth?Bugmeat43/3 9:02AM
new dbz movie
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You are now God, no strings attached, what do you do?
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Things you would miss if you were on the Mars One missionDazed2684103/3 8:46AM