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I want opinions on what colour I should paint my motorcycle.
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kratosdakota3225/5 1:38PM
Why Roman numerals? For those who voted so, why Roman numerals?FatalAccident85/5 1:20PM
My roomy is quite sick and intolerant of my LP voice, therefor PICTURES
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Lokarin955/5 1:04PM
If the Jaguars go to the Superbowl, I'll close my account.alleniversonms55/5 12:55PM
Scholar of the First Sin: Dark Souls 2: So Many Turtles EditionMilleyd65/5 12:55PM
Game: Try to respond in exactly 45 characters!
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McSame_as_Bush285/5 12:49PM
This is the dumbest thing everTheZoranTunic25/5 12:25PM
Are people still playing Naruto Ninja storm 3 or Should I get Revolution?RFC2215/5 12:05PM
i am literally butthurt.
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ZiggiStardust155/5 12:01PM
Great editorial about Feminist FrequencyVioletZer045/5 12:00PM
What is your typical grade-point-average? (Poll)
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EclairReturns145/5 11:55AM
Green Monkeys > Silver SnakesMilleyd45/5 11:52AM
Who ever gets post 478 gets Witcher 3: Wild Hunt code (GoG, not steam) (Closed)
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Ogurisama5005/5 11:47AM
I would very much like to reproduce with youBNVshark12325/5 11:45AM
I don't give a s***TheWorstPoster45/5 11:41AM
If the Raiders go to the Superbowl and win, I'll close my account.jedirood105/5 11:35AM
Explain my dreams to me (Poll)
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DarknessLink7165/5 11:23AM
Which of these choices should I name my porn folder? (Poll)WastelandCowboy55/5 11:18AM
Do you think you could beat up a theoretical blue belt in BJJ (Poll)
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ASlaveObeys155/5 11:13AM
Got into student housing at graduate school!ArtistScientist35/5 10:54AM