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Do you cut your own hair?
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AmeliaJane165212/24 5:00PM
help me find a christmas songacesxhigh412/24 4:41PM
Radio DJ: What would YOU do for Tickets? Listener: I'll lick your ass.Zangulus312/24 4:40PM
looks like this christmas is gonna suck....... (Closed)NightMareBunny912/24 4:33PM
we should have a group chat on kik or somethingCSRouge96112/24 4:27PM
Ive been watching youtube videos with a blind guy.argonautweekynd1012/24 4:27PM
my friend thinks i have a crush on princess peach and says it's kinda weird
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Nade Duck4412/24 3:51PM
World Surrenders To North Korea
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SHADOW01062012/24 3:49PM
My diet consists of Doritos and Mountain Dew.Judgmenl312/24 3:43PM
like, whoa man.WhiskeyDisk912/24 3:42PM
Today's poll
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ObligatoryFate1612/24 3:27PM
AMA: I'm meeting my date in 45 minutes.
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SunWuKung4203912/24 3:21PM
After eight years this poll is still grammatically incorrectbachewychomp612/24 3:20PM
What color and nickname do i give my Kirby Amiibo.TacoOfTheOpera112/24 3:13PM
I took some pictures of some of my Warhammer 40k Modelsfrybrain0094112/24 3:07PM
official CHRISTMAS topic.
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Storrac1112/24 3:07PM
World's First Transgender Doll shocks parents as the Gay Community praise it! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1712/24 3:05PM
LP's Crawling is a psychological thriller song.SephirothXV312/24 2:47PM
40 free apps available on amazon app store (five nights at freddies, etc)Kimbos_Egg712/24 2:45PM
Weed is for the people.
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Storrac2312/24 2:43PM