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Just one of those days.KeNNeYg24/29 7:14PM
A mod has informed me that asking questions on the board instead of using Google
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GanonsSpirit204/29 7:10PM
Netflix streaming's selection of shows sucks imo.
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Dan0429114/29 7:09PM
Why are some modders angry at the mod community because of Modgate 2015?
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DarkKirby2500444/29 7:07PM
So about my welching
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Erik_P184/29 6:49PM
Cutscene of Obama in Sonic Adventure 3Metro244/29 6:46PM
i just ate a chainsaw. That was still running.TheWorstPoster14/29 6:38PM
guys, i drank a SODA with breakfast!
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ZiggiStardust214/29 6:37PM
what's your favorite font to use for essays and e-mails?Nade Duck104/29 6:36PM
Laser hair removal's pretty funN80584/29 6:32PM
Is 'thug' the new racial slur?
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Metro2234/29 6:08PM
Bill Clinton was telling the truth the whole time
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TheWorstPoster114/29 6:05PM
I just dont see the point of buying really off brand toilet paperrgonautweekend64/29 6:03PM
The bunny tribe cloak actually looks great on Faize. Wtf are they talking about.GrimCyclone14/29 5:59PM
I bought a Burberry jacket this weekend.ASlaveObeys94/29 5:58PM
The sad topicTheWorstPoster54/29 5:42PM
I've come to dislike retro gamers more than dude bro gamers
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JoanOfArcade584/29 5:14PM
Truth_Bomb is banned and WOO! WOO! You know it!
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Aaantlion174/29 5:14PM
Cobra Vs. Hydra
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Lokarin124/29 5:07PM
The iron snail! Very cool!SunWuKung42084/29 5:02PM